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Shipping from China to Italy

Friendship is your best option when it comes to shipping from China to Italy. We have been in the business since 2010, we offer competitive rates and top service. We have a highly qualified and trained team in the laws and custom clearance regulations, so we can guarantee a hassle-free and seamless shipping experience!

Enjoy convenient pick-up services from major cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. You also get excellent door-to-door delivery to Italian destinations like Milan, Rome, and Genoa, etc. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective shipping solution from China to Italy, get your shipping quote from Friendship today!

In addition, we are not a company that only provides freight services. We provide high-quality supplier information, helping customers with product selection and sampling, quality testing, domestic warehousing services, product testing, etc.

         With FriendShip as partners, shipping goods from China to the Italy will be much easier,you will only need to leave your goods with us, and we will do the rest. FriendShip aims to be your best freight forwarder from China to the Italy. 

        You will get the best cost shipping from China to Italy by sea freightair freight.

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Sea Freight Shipping from China to Italy

We can provide competitive freight rates & the best shipping solutions from China to the Italy, Cheapest and on-time LCL sea shipping from China to the seaports of Gioia Tauro, Ravenna, Venezia, Bari, Naples, etc., with Port to Port or Door to door service, lowest Ocean Freight rates in the market.

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Air Freight Shipping from China to Italy

Fast solution for shipping time with sensitive goods from China to Italy, competitive air freight to Alghero, Ancona, Genova, having both direct and in-direct air shipping service to meet your different request.

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Amazon Shipping from China to Italy

Get free import tax and customs clearance when you ship from your suppliers in China to FBA centers in Italy. Benefit from our professional and personalized service, skilled staff, and tailor-made solutions.

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Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to Italy

Main advantages of our company

FriendShip is a 10-year-old modern logistics company, with the headquarter in Shenzhen, and branches home and abroad like Guangzhou / Dongguan/ Yiwu / Ningbo / Shanghai / Xiamen / Changsha / Hongkong in China, LA in US, London in UK etc

We fit friendship idea and Internet technology into logistics, to provide customers with friendly, high-performance and superior shipping services. And we also offer other value-added services like warehousing / insurance / inspection / sourcing / labeling / consolidation etc

1. As Class A freight forwarder, we provide competitive sea and air freight rates from China to the Italy.

2. Charging shippers competitive local charges based on different trade terms to avoid complaints from them.

3. Professional document service and efficient responsespeed

4. Extensive experience in transporting sensitive and bulky cargo.

5. Ten years of DDP service, Amazon’s professional logistics service provider

6 .China Top 10 Global Freight Forwarder

7 .100+ Containers per Week

8 .Amazon Spn Member

9 .Alibaba Gold Supplier,SGS Verified

10 .1st Logistics Partner Choice to North America and Europe

         lf you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation,Please feel free to email us at

Besides, we have our self-developed logistics system, where you can get shipping prices, track status of shipment, analyse the shipping data. It is user-friendly and helpful to make logistics easier.

FAQ for Shipping from China to Italy

1.How long does it take to ship from China to Italy?

The duration of freight from China to Italy depends on your choice, For ocean freight, usually take about 25-30 days door-to-door depending on the weather conditions. For air freight, delivery can be expected in about 3-7 working days. For express delivery services, the delivery time is about 3-5 working days.

2. What is the Shipping Cost from China to Italy?

Shipping costs vary depending on weight, product type, dimensions and shipping methods. Just contact Friendship to get the cheapest prices for your shipments.

3. What is the cheapest way to ship goods from China to Italy?

Sea shipping is the cheapest shipping from China to Italy. It offers two shipping ways, and you can choose any one at your convenience. Small and medium businesses can take advantage of the LCL shipping method to enhance their profit margins and ensure a smooth supply chain.

4.What documents are required for shipping from China to Italy?

When shipping from China to Italy, you will need to complete the customs clearance documents like a packing list and commercial invoice. The good news is that when you ship with friendship, you can relax knowing that our representatives will handle all the paperwork and documentation for you. Just provide us with your delivery address, and we'll ensure your shipment reaches you hassle-free.

Shipping from China to Italy
Shipping from China to Italy
Shipping from China to Italy

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If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at or use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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