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BUSINESS Take A Look What FriendShip Does

FriendShip has created a seamless delivery system through its network in North America and Europe dedicated to Amazon FBA deliveries. Worldwide Supply Chain Service is clients' one-stop solution for all of the Transportation (Air, Sea, Train, Express), Warehousing, Custom Brokerage and Logistics requirements globally. It powers your e-commerce experience with whole supply chain solution. People can ship across the Pacific Ocean or Eurasia using our cloud-based shipping platform.

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Amazon Prep
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POWER Find Out What Makes FriendShip Unique

POWER Find Out What Makes FriendShip Unique
Get Real Confidence with Friend Proj
Find out the real balance between shipping speed and cost. Class A agent of 11 world’s carriers including UPS, DHL, COSCO. 32 leading Logistics products of air & sea to 40+ countries.
Enjoy Smart Business Journey with Friend Tech
Trusted and real-time data from door to door with one click from our platform from Price, track, to financing. Advanced WMS makes clients relaxed, the order processing more efficient.
Fly Supply Chain with Friend Data
Data is the new energy of human beings and the productive force of modern companies. Giant connection and data build-up for 10+ years on supply chain facilitates all our partners.
Make Best Friends with Friend Idea
Help friend ship the dream. We make friends with all our clients through heart to heart. We are more than a freight forwarder but a business partner.

STRENGTH Find Out Why 20,000+ Friends Choose FriendShip

Better Safe Than Sorry

PPTT (Product Assurance, Payment Assurance, Transport Assurance, Time Assurance) gives clients 360°safeguard. It’s without double a success to protect supply chain against any accident and scare.

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Better Safe Than SorryBetter Safe Than Sorry
Real-Time Updates Matters

What clients need are not talking and explaining too much, but a single view. We support self-tracking online through our office website and global 17 Track, letting our users know where the parcels really are.

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Real-Time Updates MattersReal-Time Updates Matters
True Friend Helps You Grow

We take care of every parcel FriendShip delivers no matter how small it is. Here we have group team service, Response Time < 5 hrs. Shipment ends, services keeps on. Customer return visit helps us build long term cooperation and friendship.

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True Friend Helps You GrowTrue Friend Helps You Grow
Good Design Is Simple

Simplicity is a kind of wisdom. Easier, better! Only Simplicity makes focus. Only focus makes ultimate! We put everything easy for our clients, getting ride of all their headaches. It is simple like the logo, but also rich like the logo of FriendShip.

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Good Design Is SimpleGood Design Is Simple

RECORD Read What FriendShip Really Did

Thanks to customer trust, partner support and team cooperation, thousands of cargoes handled by FriendShip are shipped around the world every day.

CONTACT Let's Strike Up Our Friendship

Access the latest inside shipping price list and expert's advice

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