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Take a look at your room. Everything you see is built around the world China, Vietnam, Italy....

We are more connected than ever though, our ability to transport, store and trade goods remains fragmented. One shipment takes up to 30 companies, each with their own systems and processes.

The Internet of things technology is well developed in 21th century though, there is a very poor information on logistics trade where people can not even know where the goods are before they finally arrive.

The chat software is so powerful under 5G network though, it is very common to see no answers for weeks even months from freight forwarder.

FriendShip simplifies global business, putting everyone in the supply chain, putting everything in the platform. The new standard is coming for the global trade! One Click, One Parcel, One World!

FriendShip is an international freight company established in 2013, headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Changsha, Hongkong,  the United States, the United Kingdom. It is integrating sea, air, railway and international express delivery, storage.

After years of development, FriendShip has become the world's leading logistics service provider and China's top ten freight forwarding business. FriendShip holds the user-centered, demand-oriented product design thinking, starting from the customer application scenarios, digging different requirements and personalized needs, optimizing system and service quality. At the same time, it uses technology to empower product innovation, to power logistics industry solutions, and to provide customers with intelligent supply chain solutions covering multiple industries, multi-scenarios.

It has been committed to providing customers with high service, high quality, high standard one-stop standardized intelligent international logistics solutions.

Its professional international logistics team gives you friendship care, taking care of every parcel.
Its logistics platform and Intelligent warehouse stand for FriendShip Tech, simplifying and speeding shipping process, hyalinize shipment information.

By now, many businesses ranking in world fortune 500 choose FriendShip, including Midea and Xiaomi. And lots of minor enterprises are the fans of FriendShip, which drives us to become better.

( Companies Of All Sizes—From Emerging Brands To Fortune 500s—Used FriendShip Technology To Move Nearly $10B Of Merchandise Across 102 Countries in 2021. )

At FriendShip, we are committed to doing more to help global friends simplify their businesses. It's about using the power of our world’s network to give impact in a changing world.

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