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Get Freight Shipping From China FAQ

Publish Time: 2024-05-28Views: 92

1. What is door to door freight shipping?

We offer a one-stop shipping service from the China factory to the destination.


2. What is the DDP & DDU terms?

DDP is delivered duty paid. DDU is delivered duty unpaid.


3. Door to door is DDU or DDP?

Door to door can be DDU or DDP, which depends on your shipping request.


4. Why do sea, air and freight rates often change?

International freight rates are closely related to international oil prices, international situation, low season market. So, it is not immutable, but in constant change.


5. Is there any hidden fee?

No. We promise that there is no hidden fee. We will specify all costs when quoting.


6. Do you have experiences in shipping goods to Amazon?

Yes. We are experts in shipping goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse worldwide, no matter DDP(delivered duty paid) or DDU(delivered duty unpaid).

You can just sit back and wait for the goods to be received!


7. What is the first possible pick-up date?

We have a strong and stable logistics system in mainland China, so we can arrange to pick up the goods on the same day when it's ready.


8. When can I expect my delivery?

We will list the estimated delivery time in the quotation, and we will give you the tracking number so that you can track the goods in real-time.


9. Where is your warehouse in China?

Our office and main warehouse are in Shenzhen, with branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Changsha, Hongkong,  the United States, the United Kingdom.


10. Can you ship all type of goods?

We can ship all types of normal cargo, including MASKS and COVID-19 test kits. But we don't accept any contraband. If your shipment contains any liquids, batteries, powders, magnets, please inform us in advance.


11. Can you do the consolidation?

Yes, we can pick up the goods from your different suppliers and consolidate them all together into one shipment.


12. What are the usual methods of freight payment?

We accept bank transfer, Western Union and PayPal.